First Senior Management Program in Higher Education

It is necessary to develop a strategic vision to manage Higher Education institutions and enhance skills and abilities that contribute to the training of leaders who contribute to the development of Latin America. For this reason, from September 14 to 15, the Latin American Council of Management Schools – CLADEA organized the “First Senior Management Program in Higher Education”, with the support of Miami Herbert Business School, Miami, (USA), which strengthened in participants from different countries in Latin America, their skills and abilities to hold senior management positions.

Rectors, Deans, Directors, Department Heads, Coordinators, and academic candidates for Senior Management positions at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels were part of the Program taught 100% in Spanish, which was developed in 4 modules:



  • Topic: Governance in Situations of Uncertainty and Risk

Delivered by Alex R. Horenstein, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Miami, Herbert Business School (USA) and Paulo Leme, Executive Professor and Lecturer, Department of Finance, University of Miami, Herbert Business School (USA).

  • Topic: Governance in Situations of Uncertainty and Risk

Fund Management

Workshop: Optimization and Leverage Strategies

By Alberto Trejos, International Speaker and Academic, INCAE Business School.

  • Topic: Management of Indicators

Workshop: Data and Analytics: Application of Business Models in Higher Education

Given by Juan Carlos Sosa, Dean, School of Business and Entrepreneurship, Ana G. Méndez University, Puerto Rico.

  • Topic: Educational Technology: New Teaching-Learning Models

Workshop: Disruptive teaching models applicable in Latin America

Given by Eddy Morris Abarca, Director, Masters in Information Technology Management and Project Management, ESAN University, Peru.



  • Topic: Design of MBA and MSc Programs.

Workshop: Differentiation and positioning strategies. Curriculum and Career Placement

Given by Gisela Veritier, General Director, ICDA – Business School, Catholic University of Córdoba, Argentina.

  • Topic: Networking and International Relations

Workshop. Networking Techniques between Stakeholders: Key Strategies to Strengthen International Relations

Given by Ignacio de la Vega, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Faculty and Internationalization, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico.

  • Topic: Change Management

Workshop: Common obstacles and particular solutions in Higher Education

Given by Antonio Martín Herreros, Dean – Area and Postgraduate Corporate Education, ESIC Business School, Spain.

  • Topic: Educational Geopolitics: Educational Models, Market Interests and Global Projection

Given by Xavier Ordeñana, President of CLADEA and Dean of the ESPAE-ESPOL Business School (Ecuador).


CLADEA congratulates the “Class of  2022 of the Senior Management Program in Higher Education”, which was characterized by its critical thinking, disruption and predisposition to strengthen Education in Business and Administrative Sciences in each region of Latin America.


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