EFMD strategic partnership with CVTRUST

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European Foundation for Management Development - EFMD, institution partner of CLADEA, has recently signed a strategic partnership with CVTRUST. The aim of CVTRUST is to increase trust where it is becoming ever more valuable: in academic and education credentials. Smart Diploma™(patent pending) is a highly secure, easy to use solution to grant thousands of academic credentials in just a few clicks: diplomas, certificates, attestation letters, transcripts, badges, etc.

In the education world, the verification of credentials is a major challenge that can't be solved alone. That's why Smart Diploma™ works as a connection within the learners-trainers-recruiters ecosystem, offering a secure, reliable and user-friendly solution.

As Smart Diploma™ was conceived with academic institutions in mind, two versions have been developed. The first version can be used without any need to integrate into existing IT software systems. The second version can be fully integrated with the ERP used by the institution. For that, CVTRUST has created partnerships with all major ERPs used in the academic world in order to be compatible with any of their software and to be easily used along existing web services.

EFMD has partnered with CVTRUST to offer an exclusive deal to the first 50 EFMD members to subscribe to the service. They will benefit from a free of charge use of Smart Diploma™ for all their Alumni community and a 30% discount for all graduates as from 2013.

Presentation, available by clicking here.

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