CLADEA’S main objectives

  • To improve management teaching as well as promoting research on it.
  • Promote management among the social and economic organizations of Latin America.
  • Develop international standard cooperation systems between directors and academics of different countries as well as varied topics of interest, promoting research, cases development and bibliographical support.
  • Maintain mutual help bonds with the world’s most important academic networks, this way creating a global communication network for disciplinary activity.
  • Through the membership, provide a high quality certification that ensures international quality standards and academic progress potential
  • Provide technical assistance to organizations committed to Latin-America’s further development
  • Provide support to the Documentation and Information Centers from CLADEA’s own Documentation Centre
  • Develop materials for the teaching of management using the ones member schools create, as well as publishing books, magazines and other kind of investigation and didactic materials
  • Make communication easier between members part of institutions related to management in a local and international context
  • Organize international seminar and events that favor exchange and possible solutions for specific problems in Latin-America
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