In 2020, the Project Management Institute (PMI) and CLADEA decided to begin collaboration efforts, signing an initial cooperation agreement for 1 year, which was renewed for 5 more years in 2021.

The PMI is a non-profit institution, a leader in the Project Management industry, with more than half a million members from more than 180 countries. Its mission is to promote and disseminate good practices in Project Management for public and private organizations.

The strategic alliance between CLADEA and PMI has been proposed in order to strengthen Project Management in all of the Business School members of CLADEA, focusing on a specific set of services.

¿Who run it?

“CLADEA and PMI will carry out collaborative work oriented towards strengthening Project Management, as a discipline which promotes the development of the region.  We have planned a series of actions, for Business Schools to form multidisciplinary professionals, who apply knowledge, skills, tools and related techniques in projects that generate a positive impact on society”.

Pilar Ramos
Academic Coordinator

“The alliance between the Project Management Institute (PMI) and CLADEA is allowing us to present to the students of the business schools of Latin America the relevance of the skills granted by project management for them to be agents for change, as well as the tools we have available in  PMI to contribute to their learning and professional development process. Furthermore, in this joint effort we can support business schools in understanding the role that project management will play in the new work ecosystems, especially during the great moments of disruption such as those we are living through today.”

Carolina Latorre
Regional Youth and Academic Lead

Activities carried out jointly:

  • Creation of content in local languages (Spanish, Portuguese and English) regarding research and teaching in Project Management.
  • Development of webinars in Spanish and English (all of the webinars held between PMI and CLADEA will have simultaneous translation).

You can view previous webinars HERE

  • Reciprocal attendance of speakers in events and calls for papers. PMI participated as keynote speaker in one of the Plenary Sessions of the 56th Annual Assembly #CLADEA2021, held from October 25th to 27th, 2021.
  • Translations:

From inglés

To español


Dealing with Uncertainty and Ambiguity in a Complex Project: The Case of Intravenous (IV) Pumps in a Healthcare Center



Resolving agency issues in client-contractor relationships: The Merck Innovation Center


Lidiando con la Incertidumbre y la

Ambigüedad en un Proyecto

Complejo: El caso de las Bombas

Intravenosas (IV) en un Centro de



Resolución de problemáticas de la compañía en las relaciones cliente‐proveedor: El Centro de Innovación Merck


To portugués

Lidando com a incerteza e a ambiguidade em um projeto complexo: o caso de bombas intravenosas (IV) em um centro de saúde.


Resolvendo de problemas de agência nas relações cliente-fornecedor: Centro de Inovação Merck


  • Academic activities: Formation of 2 research groups:
  1. Subject: Agility, led by Antonio Rodríguez Peña, Universidad EAN, Colombia
  2. Subject: Change Management, led by Luis Fernando Cruz, Universidad de San Buenaventura, Colombia.


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