CLADEA CONECTA is a Social Impact program that links Academia and Business. It was implemented in May of 2020, and provides companies or organizations a unique opportunity, which gives them access to free consultancy services to analyze their business problems. It provides students the opportunity to face synchronous real experiences and put into practice what has been learned, strengthening their skills for the labour market, since they contribute to the search for possible solutions to the problems faced by the company.

Benefits for the Organizations:

  • Activity of Social Responsibility
  • Free Consultancy
  • Recruit new talents

Benefits for the Academic Institutions:

  • Networking and development of research,
  • Employability,
  • Development of business cases, with the possibility of being referred to specialized magazines,
  • Publication options.

“We are going to be enriched by the reality of the business world and know how businesses from different sectors are managed. We will be able to investigate different contexts, the result will benefit business education, with the goal of forming better professionals for society.”

Manuel Ortiz De Zevallos
Executive Director – CLADEA

To whom is it addressed?

This service is oriented towards private and public companies or organizations that require help in facing their challenges, as well as teachers and students from the Business Schools members of CLADEA.

How does it work?

First, the interested party must complete the registration form and sign the responsibility agreement. Then, CLADEA presents to the registered institutions the problems that the participating companies are facing, so that they select one of them. Subsequently, connection is established with the selected organization.  

During the entire program CLADEA fulfils the role of mediator between the parties and carries out a follow-up of the process.

Finally, the academic institutions present their proposals to the company, it should be pointed out that the execution of the chosen solution is not part of the program.

How do I participate?

The interested parties must complete the Application Form according to their identification:

I am a Company, register here

I am an Institution Member of CLADEA, register here 


For additional information contact:


“The experience of being able to apply the research in the private sector has been valuable, because it has allowed academic tools to be put into practice in an agile manner and with a tangible impact on the company in which the consultancy was carried out, this shows that academia and the business sector can walk hand in hand towards continuous improvement and generation of value.”

Edmundo Lizarzaburu
Universidad ESAN – Perú

“For the SCHOOL OF INNOVATORS OF PERU it has been an extraordinary experience to participate in CLADEA CONECTA. It allowed us to put into service our expertise in innovation and market research to collaborate with the main challenges assumed by the company, allowing us to comply with the real purpose of our investigation: impact on reality”.

Isaac Zuñiga CEO Founder
Universidad ESAN– Perú

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