About Us

The Latin American Council of Management Schools – CLADEA is an international organization that reunites both higher education institutions and international organizations committed to the teaching and research of management.

Our main values

1.- Support administrative and academic management

2.- Create spaces suitable for knowledge exchange.

3.- Promote and publish applied and theoretical researches.

4.- Promote mobility accords.

Currently, CLADEA is formed by 269 public and private member institutions that come from America, Europe, Africa,Asia and Oceania.

Why join CLADEA?

CLADEA is in charge of developing cooperation activities between academics and directors from various countries. The institution gives a membership that credits a high quality academic certification for business schools.

CLADEA has been active for over half a century, making it one of the world’s most important business school networks.

Objectives according to statutes:


Promote a higher level and improve the field of management teaching, sciences and techniques among their members.


Assist different educational institutions in their management sciences and techniques teaching programs.


Encourage management research in every country and member institution as well as in CLADEA’s and Latin-America’s context through a coordinated effort.


Promote management knowledge and techniques among the people related to social and economic organizations of Latin-America.

CLADEA’S main activities

  • Annual Member’s Assembly
  • Call for Papers para for the Annual Member’s Assembly
  • Latin-American Innovation and Entrepreneurship Network
  • Information Centers’ Directors Group
  • Doctoral Colloquim
  • International Relations conferences and other events
  • Activities as Signatary UN PRME Member and members of the Steering Committee
  • Specialized seminars and workshops
  • Edition of publications and diverse media, such as the ACADEMIA Journal/ ISI magazine, CLADEA news, Leadership blog and the intranet platform.  
  • Agreement with Emerald Group in order to promote research between our members.
  • Cladea-Balas Case Consortium-Hardvard Business Publishers cases repository
  • European Quality Link – EQUAL Board members.
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