Intending to increase confidence in academic and educational credentials, CLADEA has chosen Smart Certificate as the platform to issue digital certificates. The certificates are for the service of Collaborative Online International Learning – COIL, in the Link Classes program, as well as for the CLADEA 2021 Virtual International Congress whose this year’s title is: Innovation, Conscious Business, and the Future of Education. Thus, the Latin American Council of Management Schools – CLADEA has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CV TRUST, a Belgian company that issues verified certificates, to encourage the use of digital academic documents among its members.

In the academic world of programs, webinars, forums, exhibitions at congresses, and other activities carried out by CLADEA, the verification of credentials is an important and latent issue. As a consequence, Smart Certificate offers a very secure solution without complications.

At CLADEA, we emphasize practicality and saving time for all parties, CVTrust moreover has an essential added value for the member institutions associated with CLADEA as it is an effective way to certify and validate the activities carried out. It should be noted that CLADEA members will have access to special offers through this association.

The innovation of Smart Certificate lies in:

●        A centralized production process for digital certified credentials (patent granted by USPTO)

●        Data privacy protection technology that is used through a unique high-level encryption/decryption process

●        An innovative, centralized, and secure personal portfolio for graduates to save, manage and share their certified credentials

●        Credentials fully connected to social platforms

●        Web-connected credentials as a lifetime bond between academic institutions and their alumni, allowing alumni associations to keep in touch with their members, get up-to-date information, and find lost alumni.

More about CV Trust:

CVTRUST joined LinkedIn’s Direct-to-Profile program, adding a new social dimension to its Smart Certificate solution. Now Smart Certificate owners can upload their certified credentials on their LinkedIn profile with just one click!

By granting Smart Certificate to your graduates, alumni, program participants, etc., they can validate and add their credentials on their LinkedIn profile in one click. Following with schools, who use the Smart Certificate™ solution, they can now use a new service: Smart Ads™. Smart Ads is unique because it allows your school to use the CVs of people connected to the school as marketing and branding tools that can help promote your institution (and programs) by your best ambassadors. If you use Smart Certificate, then every award that you have ever granted becomes firstly validated and secondly becomes a marketing tool to showcase your school.

As Smart Certificate was created with academic institutions in mind, two versions have been developed. The first version can be used without the need to integrate it into existing IT software systems. The second version can be fully integrated with the ERP used by the institution. For that, CVTRUST has created alliances with all major ERPs used in the academic world to be compatible with any of their programs and to be easily used along with existing web services.

Visit the Smart Certificate website here

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