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Access to this website and its related pages implies that you expressly accept the general terms and conditions described below. In case you do not accept them, please do not access or manipulate the information of the services offered by this site, since you could be making improper use thereof.  

This website is aimed at our students, teachers, collaborators; as well as unrelated third parties of the CONSEJO LATINOAMERICANO DE ESCUELAS DE ADMINISTRACIÓN (CLADEA).

  1. Intellectual property rights

Unless otherwise indicated in this website or in its related pages, the CONSEJO LATINOAMERICANO DE ESCUELAS DE ADMINISTRACIÓN (CLADEA) is the owner, or otherwise holder of the intellectual property rights shown on this page. The use of any intellectual property right without the prior, express and written consent of CONSEJO LATINOAMERICANO DE ESCUELAS DE ADMINISTRACIÓN (CLADEA) is prohibited.


  1. Copyright

This site is protected by the existing legislation regarding copyright. All rights involved, such as, for example, its contents and visual design, are the property of CLADEA. Therefore, its use, modification, reproduction, distribution, transmission or commercialisation of the rights involved without prior, express and written permission is strictly prohibited; except in cases of  rights of quotation, use for educational purposes and other recognised honourable uses.

  1. Distinctive signs and patents

Unless otherwise indicated in our portal, the distinctive signs and patents registered in accordance  with national and supranational are the property of the CONSEJO LATINOAMERICANO DE ESCUELAS DE ADMINISTRACIÓN. Their use is prohibited without the prior, express and written consent of the CONSEJO LATINOAMERICANO DE ESCUELAS DE ADMINISTRACIÓN or of its owner.  

  1. Obligations of registered users

If you are registered in the CONSEJO LATINOAMERICANO DE ESCUELAS DE ADMINISTRACIÓN as a student, teacher, collaborator, member or in any other way, you are already a registered user.  Access to the services through your username and password is your full and exclusive responsibility, therefore you must maintain them in strict confidence. If you presume that some third party may be using your username and password, immediately notify this  circumstance to comunicaciones@cladea.org, to prevent any unauthorised access with your identity. Any transaction carried out with your username and password will be monitored to avoid misuse of the services provided to them. You must not use your username and password for any purpose that is illegal or  conflicts with morality or good customs.  

  1. Obligations of users in general

Access to web services is of a public nature. As a user, you are obliged to use the services and contents provided to you by this website in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Peru and the principles of good faith, and generally accepted uses and not to contravene them with your actions through the web.    By using our service, through this website, you declare under oath that the information that you enter is true and exact.

  1. Advertising Information

CLADEA Will not be responsable for any type of commercial information or offers issued by any third party that may have contracted the disclosure of an advertising space for the commercialisation or promotion of goods or services within the website.

Under no circumstances does CLADEA endorse the quality, validity, veracity, facility, precision of the goods or services offered by any third party that may have contracted an adverting space for the disclosure of goods and services within the website https://www.cladea.org/.

Any agreement reached with third parties (including the advertisers) present in the website, as well as the participation in promotions and, in particular, the delivery and payment for goods and services, but also any other term, condition, warranty or statement associated with said agreements or promotions, are exclusively between the user and the advertiser or third party. You expressly recognise that CLADEA assumes no responsibility with regard to said agreements or promotions.

  1. Failures in the System

CLADEA is not responsible for any damage, harm or loss to the user caused by failures in the system, in the server or in Internet. Nor will CLADEA be responsible for any virus that may infect the equipment of the User as a result of access to,  use or examination of its website or as a result of any transfer of data, files, images, texts, or audio contained therein. Users will NOT be able to impute to CLADEA any responsibility nor demand payment for loss of profit, by virtue of  damages resulting from technical difficulties or failures in systems or in Internet. CLADEA does not guarantee continued or uninterrupted access to and use of its site. The system may eventually be unavailable due to technical difficulties or Internet failures, or for any other circumstance unrelated to CLADEA; in such cases efforts will be made to re-establish it as quickly as possible, without attributing to CLADEA any type of responsibility for it.

  1. Amendments to the Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right at any time to amend or update our terms and conditions of use to attend to legislative developments, internal policies or new requirements for the provision or offering of our services or products. These amendments will be made available to the public through our internet pages.

  1. Delimitation of responsibility

Our commitment to you is to keep this website permanently updated.  However, we may incur inaccuracies or ommisions. In all of these cases, CONSEJO LATINOAMERICANO DE ESCUELAS DE ADMINISTRACIÓN assumes no responsibility for any damage, direct, indirect, incidental, consequent or special harm that derives from the use of the information contained in this website or in the web pages referred to here.  We cannot guarantee a free and uninterrupted service from this website, but we assure you that we will dedicate our best efforts to achieving this.

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