The Cladea Groups are working groups consisting of representatives and academics of the member schools of Cladea according to relevant  areas in the teaching of business in Latin America and the World.

The following Cladea Groups currently exist:

  • Internationalisation
  • Social Impact
  • Research
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Undergraduate Academic Development
  • Postgraduate Academic Development
  • Doctorate

In each Cladea Group, projects will be developed which will permit joint work in research,  curricular strengthening and knowledge expansion. This is done with the goal of developing projects which will benefit education in business, the strengthening of curricular design and specific knowledge regarding the relevant topics.

What are the objectives of Cladea Research?

  1. To promote and develop scientific and applied search in the own fields of administrative sciences, to provide a reply to the needs of global business.
  2. To promote the Academia-Business link, considering the particularities of research and its impact on the development of the region.
  3. To strengthen collaborative work in order to implement research projects, the results of which contribute to the generation of new knowledge about the specialty.


  • The research and academic products generated by each group, will form part of the Latin American Observatory of Administrative Sciences of CLADEA.
  • CLADEA will be in charge of processing the ISBN code of the publication generated by each group.
  • Participate in academic events in different parts of the world,   representing the Cladea Group.

Working Methodology

The working meetings of each of the Cladea Groups are held by means of virtual meetings. Two face-to-face meetings are held each year with the members: in the Annual Assembly of Cladea and in the Annual Dean Workshop.

To whom are they directed? Who should I contact?

All of the Deans and representatives of the member schools of Cladea can be part of Cladea Groups. For further information please write to: or

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