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Executive Headquarters of the Latin American Council of Business Schools - CLADEA
Av. El Polo N° 670, Of. B 404 - Santiago de Surco, Lima, Perú.

First edition, marzo 2024

Legal deposit made in the National Library of Peru N° 202402376

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Reports LVII International Congress CLADEA 2022
ISBN: 978- 612- 48865- 1- 5
1. Economy and Finance
2. Human Talent Management and Organizational Behavior
3. Social Responsibility
4. Entrepreneurship
5. Project Management
6. Marketing
7. General Management and Strategy
8. Innovación y Gestión de la Innovación
MEMORIES LVII International Congress CLADEA 2022
INDEX 9. New Perspectives on Teaching and Learning in Business Schools
10. Information Technologies
11. Cases
12. Global Supply Chains
13. Internationalization of Global Companies and Businesses
14. Politics
15. Doctoral Colloquium
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