Latin American Network of Social Responsibility – RRS

It was founded in the year 2020 and formalized during the CLADEA Congress 2020. The network is born at the request of the member institutions of CLADEA, for the purpose of conducting research with regard to Social Responsibility and generating a positive impact in Business Schools and society

The objectives of the RRS are:

  • To contribute to the transformation of society through the creation and expansion of knowledge regarding social responsibility and sustainability.
  • To design new lines of research, which generate a positive impact in the current environment

The RRS has 3 Lines of Research:

  • Line 1: New Formation Model in Social Responsibility, 2021
    • Participation of more than 43 researchers, who represent 16 involved universities.
    • Purpose of study: Formation in Social Responsibility of the students at Business Schools and its effects on social transformation.
  • Line 2: Impact on University Social Responsibility in formation and application in companies, 2022
  • Line 3: Guidelines of the SDG in Social Responsibility, 2022

To whom is it directed?

The RRS is directed at academics from Member Institutions of CLADEA, who possess knowledge and publications in aspects related to Social Responsibility.

Those interested in forming part of the network must be available to attend the meetings, which are held on Fridays at 15:00 (GTM-5).

How do I participate?

  • Step 1: The researcher must show his interest and contact:
  • Step 2: Programming of informative talk between CLADEA and the interested party.
  • Step 3: The interested party must send the Informed Consent signed by the dean of his faculty to CLADEA.

Recommendations for the preparation of papers in the framework of the project HERE


For additional information contact


“I joined the group with great interest in knowing what was being done in the administration area with regard to social responsibility, since my experience is mostly at university level. There, I met a very powerful human and academic team, where intellectual debate and the business viewpoint are synergistically connected, with the typical diversity of Latin America. This has offered us an opportunity to address the challenge of RS with the strength of a network.”

Maite Jiménez
Doctora en Psicología
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile


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