The Latin American Council of Business Schools – CLADEA offers its members benefits that provide them with value and contribute to the achievement of their objectives in different areas of interest, such as:

  1. Promoting research through the publication of articles in ISI Journals associated with our network, which allows them to increase the research ranking in their institutions.
  2. Special discounts in various events, this promotes the acquisition and updating of knowledge, strengthens networking between academic pairs, the internationalization and globalization of the Business School.
  3. Participation in the Latin American Network of Innovation and Entrepreneurship – RLIE.
  4. Participation in the Latin American Network of Social Responsibility.
  5. Grouping of CLADEA Information Centers, which facilitates access to relevant data, which allows the comparison of data and recognition of new trends in different areas of the Administrative Sciences.
  6. Search for indexed Papers through Emerald Publishing with an access code for members.
  7. Access to the database of representatives of Member Institutions of CLADEA, with the objective of promoting collaborative work and international links.
  8. Participation in other networks associated with CLADEA.
  9. Agreement with Harvard Business Publishing, which allows professors and university students to apply case methodologies in the teaching-learning process.


  • CLADEA Networking Program, addressed at rectors, deans and directors of Business Faculties and Schools. Programmed work meetings for members in Spanish and English version.
  • CLADEA-COIL Program, which provides students with a global vision, since they receive classes from other professors located in different countries, who provide a master class to students from a professor who requests Link classes between university members.
  • CLADEA CONECTA Program, which links Academia with Business, for the purpose of solving real business problems. The student and the professor, as a tutor, participate.
  • CLADEA RESEARCH Program, where interdisciplinary research groups are formed with regard to specific topics, such as: internationalization, research, doctoral programs, social impact, academic development on an undergraduate and post-graduate level.
  • BECAS CLADEA Program, granted by first level institutions affiliated with CLADEA. The interested parties must comply with the requirements of each institution.
  • CLADEA Global Forum, events that bring together specialists from different continents, who analyze current issues for member institutions. They are held 4 times each year. It is a free activity with simultaneous translation. 
  • CLADEA Awards, event that recognizes the outstanding work that is being carried out by member institutions regarding problems that have an impact on the global society.
  • Labour Exchanges, CLADEA transmits the requirements of professors and faculty heads of the institutions which form part of the network.
  • Specialized Webinars
  • CLADEA News Bulleti
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