54TH International Congress


The 54th International Congress of CLADEA was organized from October 27-29, in the campus of the Universidad de Lima and Universidad ESAN (Peru). The event brought together close to 550 participants between rectors, deans, directors of business programs and faculties and researchers from countries of America, Europe and Oceania.

The main subject of the meeting was: “Digital Transformation and Sustainable Development: challenges and opportunities for business schools”.

Currently, digital transformation and the problems faced by society, have generated disruptive processes that have an impact on organizations on a global level; in this scenario, business schools face a change of paradigm that presents challenges related to their management and teaching model. We find ourselves in a context where our actions have an impact on the lives of other people and on the planet. It is essential that measures are taken from academia, oriented towards promoting ethical and socially responsible practices by its students. The challenge is to optimize the digital ecosystem. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate students in the transformation processes in organizations, which will later impact the social development of companies and the region.

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